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  • Are you stuck and not moving forward
  • Too many things you want to do and doing none of them
  • Confused about the way forward
  • Struggling with social media
  • Need to pull your brand together
  • Need help scheduling emails and posts

Meet Lynnda

Lynnda is a mentor, coach, designer, a teacher and workshop leader. Born into the family business Lynnda has always been involved in business in her every day.

She has produced and sold a range of products for crafters to use under the brand name Oak House Studio. The Oak House Studio brand  was retired in March 2017.

Lynnda is now available to work with you and your business. Maybe you need to talk to someone about a new project, help starting to teach workshops or could do with a hand getting to grips with social media networking, book some one to one time with Lynnda to get support tailored to your own needs.


Lynnda Worsnop

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Clear goals

Work with Lynnda to really dig deep and establish your goals. Your goals not someone elses.

Work with Lynnda to plan a route to achieve your goals.

Workshop OR One to One

Social Media

So many platforms, which will work for your business. How do you that with living your whole life online.

Create your profiles with Lynnda to boast your business.

Workshop OR One to One

Email Marketing

Build your list and plan your communications.

Schedule your emails.  Split your audience. Automate your processes

Workshop or One to One